Reckless driving real problem for teens

Reckless and distracted driving is the leading cause of death among teenagers ages 16-19. You may think that it’s not going to happen to you or that you’re the safest driver in the world, but recent events at the school prove that none of us are invincible. According to,  3,477 people died in 2015

Musicians head to states

Music department regional festivals occurred a few weeks ago.  All musical groups partake in these competitions. “The kids have to make districts first, and then if you are a high enough chair position in districts, then you get to move on to regionals,” band director Larry Detwiler said. Out of the nineteen students that performed

Junior: Silence stops expression

There was a nationally planned student walk-out in memory for the victims of the Parkland school shooting March 14. The administration and a few students came up with an alternative plan. The students and the administration devised a plan for a five minute video which discusses the lives of the victims and their unfortunate passing.

Seniors and juniors ready for prom

Prom is a very special night for some students. This is one night students will never forget. Students have favorite things about prom. One of those favorite things is meeting up with friends and getting pictures done. “My favorite thing about prom is getting to dress up and I’m going to Penn State Campus for

Drama presents ‘Drowsy Chaperone’

The drama club will perform its spring musical.        The days the are Apr. 5, 6 and 7.        The drama club picked the play The Drowsy Chaperone to perform which will be held in the auditorium.        The cost of the play is five dollars for students and eight dollars for adults and starts at seven o’clock.

Drama department prepares for ‘Chaperone’

The AAHS drama department is presenting a musical called The Drowsy Chaperone. It will be Apr. 7, 8 and 9. “Basically, this show pokes fun at old-fashioned Broadway musicals that were popular 50 and 60 years ago. The narrator, a huge musical fan, puts on his favorite record, the soundtrack of The Drowsy Chaperone, and

Elder earns professional bowler status

Senior Stephen Elder has earned PBA professional bowler status. This status allows him to compete in PBA bowling competitions. He began bowling at the age of four and has been working towards earning this status for 14 years. His parents also bowl and encourage his bowling hobby. Elder highest scores are a 290 in League,

Opinion: Bullying can affect students in school

Having to go to school is hard for some people because they are being bullied. Students who are being bullied can go to an adult that students trust. If you are the person who is being the bully you don’t understand that it may  be hurting that person. “When I’m being bullied I feel like

Physical education offers choice

Altoona offers many different types of physical education.  With scheduling in progress, it’s important to know what type of physical education courses are offered. Junior Linsey Whysong takes a traditional physical education class with physical education teacher Megan Yingling. “Gym class can be made fun. We do spinning and weightlifting. I enjoy the spin class

Gymnastics team rolls ahead

In the winter months girls in grades 9 through 12 can compete with the gymnastics team. Freshman Cassandra Kyle and sophomore Grace Osmolinski have both been on the team for at least one year. Kyle and Osmolinski both have done gymnastics for many years because of different reasons. “This is my first year for the