Close joins art department

Kathryn Close is a Penn-Trafford high school and IUP graduate. (Photo: Frankie Price)
Kathryn Close is a Penn-Trafford high school and IUP graduate. (Photo: Frankie Price)

Art teacher Kathryn Close is the newest staff member. The recent IUP graduate enters her first year of teaching.

She wanted to teach at Altoona to challenge herself and to begin something exciting.

“Once I graduated I decided to leave home, which was hard, and start my new life on my own. It was exciting to get away,” Close said.

Close grew up outside of Pittsburgh in a town called Penn-Trafford. During high school, her art teacher influenced her to become the art teacher she is today.

“I knew I always wanted to be a teacher and I knew that I loved art, so I put the two together. My art teacher gave me the last final push,” Close said.

She is teaching the courses Art I and painting. She hopes to begin tempera and acrylic paintings in the painting course; both have not been done the in the painting course before.

Her favorite media of art is ceramics, painting and printmaking.

“Recently I got into printmaking in my last semester of college and I am sad I just discovered it. I am hoping that I can bring it into teaching here,” Close said.

During this school year, she wishes to grow and learn from her colleagues around her. She wants to make her students more confident in their art making and make herself more comfortable teaching by becoming a better professional.

“I hope students find my class a place to relax, to be themselves and to feel at home… It is my outlet, so I hope by walking into my classroom that it is their outlet to just relax and get some good work done,” Close said.

She is very excited to be teaching at Altoona and to meet all new people.

“I am really open to working with other people and teachers in other areas, because I am new I am excited to meet new people,” Close said.


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