Christie’s ‘Trap’ springs tonight

Each fall, students can look forward to many activities. One such event is the fall play. The fall play showcases student theatrical talent.

This year’s fall plays is Agatha Christie’s The Mousetrap, which is the longest running play in history. It is the only play that Christie wrote. The play is a murder mystery set in England.

The show takes the stage is on November 3 and 4 at 7 p.m. in the auditorium. Student tickets are $5; adult tickets are $8.

The play is directed by drama teacher Ben Cossitor. This is his third year at the helm.  

“It follows eight characters as they get trapped at a mansion in the dead of winter and they come to realize that one of them is trying to seek revenge on someone at the manor. They start suspecting each other and eventually one of them is killed,” Cossitor said.  

Gabriella Petrarca and Dean Eberhardt run lines on the set of 'The Mousetrap.' (Photo: Baylee Ruggles)
Gabriella Petrarca and Dean Eberhardt run lines on the set of ‘The Mousetrap.’ (Photo: Baylee Ruggles)

The cast of eight characters include a couple who owns the mansion, a retired judge, an architect, a suspicious foreigner, a detective, a retired major and also a very odd lady that shows up.  

There is more to the play other than just the cast.

“We have different people involved in with the different things. There is obviously the acting. But then, behind the scenes, we have people that work on costumes, sewing. We have people that work on trying to find props. We have people in charge of set painting and helping put together the set.

“We have people in charge of lights, whenever we’re getting ready to perform the show they set the lights. All the characters have microphones; we have a student that runs them and turns microphones on and off throughout the show,” Cossitor said.

Students practice nearly every day of the week. The weeks leading up to the show are five-day rehearsal weeks.

The cast and crew practice everyday for at least two hours, more closer to the play.

Students can look forward to the play being something different. It is a very suspenseful thriller unlike the past few fall plays the school has ran.

“I love the twist ending and I’m not going to give anymore of that away. But, Agatha Christie always flips you on your hand. She gives you a murder that you were not expecting,” Cossitor said.

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