Neely promoted to head principal

Principal Andrew Neely. Photo courtesy; Frankie Price.
Principal Andrew Neely. Photo courtesy; Frankie Price.

Andrew Neely has been promoted to principal, replacing Patty Burlingame who is now an assistant superintendent.

When Neely began teaching he knew that he wanted to one day move into a leadership role. He first became an assistant principal.

Neely attended Hollidaysburg Area High School and Penn State University. He also spent time in the Navy.

“In my job today I have to work with people who have all different kinds of opinions and different ideas, so when I was in the Navy it was the same situation. I got to meet a lot of people who were really fun and interesting from all around the country. I bring that experience to my job here,” Neely said.

With the transition to a higher leadership role, Neely now has more responsibilities and input on issues. He is no longer heavily involved in the daily discipline, but now focuses more on education.

He is currently working on having the students being more prepared for college and to bring back some of the courses the school hasn’t offered in years. He wants to make sure that students who want to go into science or engineering careers have all the best equipment, opportunities and classes.

“My interest right now is very focused on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics). Statistics show that these will be the areas where most of the jobs will be for young people whenever they are ready to move into the job market,” Neely said.

In his new position Neely looks forward to a possible new building project and is excited to see what he can come up with as far as new programming.

He also wants to give new opportunities and experiences to the students.

“I’m going to work really hard to make sure [the new experience] happens. I’m going to talk to the right people and get the right pieces in place just to enhance what we are already doing,” Neely said.

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