Opinion: School lunch continues downward trend

Despite school lunch prices increasing on a yearly basis, the quality of the food in the cafeteria continues its downward spiral.  It should not be too much to ask that the quality of the food be at least average, but both daily entrees and everyday options are of abysmal quality.  

The school cafeteria offers everyday choices of pizza, wraps, flatbreads, salads and PB&J.  Various sandwiches are also offered, but are located behind the large line of students waiting in line, making those items nearly impossible to reach.

Possibly the worst of the everyday options is the pizza.

Burnt pizza is not appetizing. [This photo is for illustration purposes. The pizza was not purchased from the AAHS cafeteria. – Ed.] (Courtesy Photo)
The pizza has more cheese on it than sauce and crust combined. What makes this even worse is the cheese comes in three styles: burnt, really burnt and so burnt that no one even buys it.  No matter what style, the pizza is always bad and on some days causes a loss of appetite.

Perhaps the wraps and flatbreads can save the everyday options. The only issue with these is their sloppy construction.  In some cases they are so poorly put together that one bite causes the wrap or flatbread to break apart placing vegetables all over the lunch tables.  

A variety of salads is offered, but the common ground between them is the awful taste.  Some salads feature strawberries that taste like hard boiled eggs and hard boiled eggs that taste like poison.  The salad featuring chicken is kept cold, nearly frozen, so the chicken inside is also nearly frozen. When that chicken is broken in half, the meat is the same color as the breading on the chicken.  

Now we come to the PB&J.  The cafeteria features Uncrustables PB&J, so the question is, “How do you mess up a prepackaged sandwich?”

Well the cafeteria places the sandwiches in a freezer making the peanut butter as well as the jelly rock hard and inedible.  

Finally there are the daily entrees.  Occasionally these choices will be extremely popular, such as General Tso’s chicken and mashed potato bowl, but most of the time these dishes are poorly prepared as well as just are simply bad.  

The newest of these bad options are the so-called “bars” where students choose toppings for a dish.  What are these dishes?  Well students can participate in french fry bars, because putting toppings on fries totally makes it a meal.  

The other options include mac and cheese bar and taco bar.  Out of these options two of them are simply sides with toppings and the only one that makes sense it the taco and nacho bar, which is somehow different from just having tacos or nachos with toppings because this one has “bar” in the title.  

The only way to get a good lunch in school is to bring your own or spend large amounts of money buying the few tolerable, overpriced options.


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