Drama club prepares to go ‘Into the Woods’

On April 6-8, 2017 the drama club will be presenting its production of the musical Into the Woods.

Into the Woods is a musical of Grimm’s fairy tales such as Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rapunzel with a modern twist. All of the tales are tied together with a story about a baker and his wife who wish to began a family. In pursuit to start a family they have an interaction with a witch who puts a curse on them.  

Junior Ethan Katcher plays Jack.

“I relate to my role because we are both playful and generally young which matches my personality and energy,” Katcher said.

The Altoona Area Junior High School staged a production of Into the Woods Jr. a few years ago. Its version only presented Act 1. The high school production will be presenting the full-scale musical.

Many of the students currently acting in the high school production also participated in the junior high’s a few years ago.

Junior Laighla Wisor plays Jack’s Mom.

“I played in the ensemble for Into the Woods and I was also in other productions such as Peter Pan Jr. and Little Mermaid Jr.”  Wisor said.

The cast is practicing every day after school from 3-6 p.m.. They practice their dancing, music, blocking, and “run through” the beginning and end of each act.

“A difficult aspect is trying to create a forest on stage, trying to manipulate who is going where, and keeping these characters moving about the stage without running into each other,” director Ben Cossitor said.

The set crew is working with art teacher Eric Hoover. They are painting, building sets pieces, finding props and assembling the set on stage.

“When I am  preparing a show I am looking at the characters and what exactly their vision is for how they should act, where they should go, what they should be doing at any given moment during the show, and I must be able to tell that to actors,” Cossitor said.

The orchestra plays throughout the musical. The musical consists of a lot of songs where the cast will be singing, but it also consists of and underscore, with the orchestra plays quietly under dialogue.

The cast and crew are very excited for the community to see their hard work.

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