Three win Rotary speech award

Six students competed in the Rotary Club of Altoona speaking event, along with speech teacher Heather Tippett-Wertz. (Courtesy Photo)

Six students from Altoona Area High School went to the Calvin House for a Rotary Speech Competition Mar. 6, 2017. The students have been practicing since January.

There were three winners. The first place winner will advance to the regional competition. First place was awarded to junior Ethan Catcher. Junior Frankie Price took second place. In third place is senior Azareyah White.

Students had the opportunity to experience what a Rotary meeting is like before the competition. Rotarians also spoke to show the students how the meetings work and what they do during the meeting.

Student speeches were on a current ethical issue. They had to research the issue and learn more about it.

Students also had a chance to present their speech in front of classmates and community members including business leaders and Rotarian members.

“I was really nervous at first, but it was really fun and I thought it was a good experience. It was really neat to be around people who are really important in our community. It was also really fun to hear what all the other students did their speeches on and see everybody do so well,” Price said.

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