Heat harms ability to learn

In many science classes in the Altoona Area High School students are learning about temperature, but all they think about is the extreme heat in the classroom.

All the rooms in the high school are affected by the lack of functional air conditioning, but the rooms on the top floors of the A and B building take it to a whole new level.

Students are expected to learn in classrooms that reach temperatures near 75 degrees. It also doesn’t help that some classes see nearly 30 students crammed into an undersized area.

Teachers do not have the ability to change temperature in their rooms and are forced to deal with the heat as well. Some try fans to cool their rooms, but a fan is not enough to cool the rooms.

When you walk into a building there are a few things they are just expected. First: a roof and walls. Second: lightning. Third is air conditioning.

You never know if the air will be hot or cold when in AAHS. (Photo: Michael Baker)

Two out of three is 66 percent, a failing grade.

The least that the school could do is keep its classrooms at a reasonable temperature.

Adding to this heat is the extreme humidity. Many rooms on the third floor of the B building were originally larger rooms, that were separated by poorly made walls. This leads to humidity in these room when it rains.

These conditions are detrimental to students. How are we meant to study or listen to a teacher when the heat is all we can think about.

Is it really that hard to turn on the air conditioning?

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