Literary magazine on sale now

During the month of May, the school offers a literary magazine called Et Cetera. It is a student-run  magazine that has poems, short stories, essays, photographs, and art work.

The magazine is being sold through Apr. 28. They cost $5 and can be ordered in English classes. The two top selling English classes will be given a donut party.

A staff of 10 club members select the works that go in the magazine. Submitted work is anonymous; staffers don’t know the artist’s or author’s name.

After students vote, they create the page layout, and create the magazine, which takes about a week. Students do not have to be part of the staff to submit work into the magazine.

“I think people should submit things to the magazine. If they do not want to be part of the staff, I definitely would encourage students to submit because it is a neat opportunity to have your work published,” Et Cetera adviser Michael Baker said.

Baker also thinks that it is a good way for people who enjoy creative arts it’s a good club to be apart of.

“We have some really creative writers and talented artists here. What we see each year always impresses me,” Baker said.

The magazine should be out by mid May. It also features an autograph section in it for friends to sign each other’s magazine.

It is past the deadline to submit, but students submitted their work on a google form.

Etc books from previous years. (Photo: Baylee Ruggles)

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