MLTV to stream live events

With the access channel now departed, the AASD has invested in a portable broadcast system called a TriCaster. The system will be used to broadcast AAHS sporting events as well as other school events.

One of the events to be broadcast is the June 2 commencement.
β€œ[Commencement] will be streamed live on YouTube,” said AAHS teacher Mike Baker.

The TriCaster Mini is portable. It will allow MLTV to broadcast events via the Internet. (Photo: Michael Baker)

Other events this school year may be broadcast, such as speakers coming into the building.

The completed setup cost close to $10,000, which included two monitors and other accessories such as cables.

The TriCaster offers the ability to use four video sources, such as a camera, and switch among them with ease. Two additional HDMI ports are available to send the broadcast image to local screens.
Along with broadcasting over the Internet, the TriCaster can also record for later posting.

The MLTV staff will be the ones operating the new system.
β€œIt is very similar to what they have in their studio,” Baker said.

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