New math books add up

Mr Falger holding sample of new math books. (Photo: Frankie Price)

The school district has made the decision to get new math books for grades 7-12. The books are called enVision A/G/A and are published by Pearson.

The books are a series and are collaborative through all grade levels. New math books were needed in order to keep up with modern education in terms of  the delivery of the curriculum.

The new program is going to incorporate math principles and digital interactive tools such as Desmos. It will address more needs and ability levels of all students.

Each student is going to have a hard copy of a book and a log in for the digital portal. There will be a variety of adaptations to aid in the student’s education with 24/7 access.

“It is not just going to be catered to one type of learning style. There will be a variety of adaptations for someone who is more of a multimedia person that enjoys watching videos. There are some videos incorporated. Teachers also have the ability to customize the curriculum as they choose,” high school math department chairperson Joseph Falger said.

The series will help prepare students for state testing such as Keystones by its ability to be customized. Students will be able to have immediate feedback of their individual progress. The program will automatically provide extra sets of problems for areas that a student needs more practice on.

Most publishers only commit to a certain number of years with their digital subscriptions. The curriculum office takes care of deciding how long the subscription is going to be for, but many become up for renewal. New materials will not be provided, but the publishers will want to update the platform and ways of delivering the materials to keep up with the constant evolving nature of technology.

The books themselves are expected to last just as long the current books have.

“The thing I am looking forward to the most is just having digital copies available. I think it is more convenient for students. I think that, in the end, whenever you have something that is digital people are more apt to taking advantage of it,” Falger said.

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