Collins complicates writing process

The high school implemented Collins Writing into the curriculum, to the displeasure of a multitude of students.  The activities involved are no different than what is normally done by teachers.

These include brainstorming, regular questions and writing with guidelines: not exactly the most original ideas.

The only difference is that Collins has given students a word to associate with these activities.  Any time students hear the word type — be it one, two, three or four — there is a collective moan.

The Collins systems simply takes already used activities, makes money off teaching it to schools, and gives students a way to associate the pain of activities with a word.

To add to the frustration, the school is requiring teachers to meet a certain number of each type of writing.  This leads to teachers cramming activities into a short span of time.

Some teachers shove five Collins writing into one week, adding to the student hatred of the Collins Writing program.

It is a good idea on paper, but in practice the system harms students more than helps, especially in its current implementation.


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