Month: September 2017

Group urges mania

  The Mountain Lion Maniacs are an energetic, loud group of students that is supportive of the school. Social studies teacher Caroline Kline is in charge of the Maniacs. This year she is hoping to get more involvement among students at games and other school events. “Any student can participate; [students do not] have to

On Broadway: Musicians plan NYC trip

When he first enrolled at Penn State, band director Larry Detwiler was an architecture major. Now he builds the music department. “I went to college at Penn State and was a part of the Blue Band. I even ended up changing majors,” Detwiler said Detwiler originally planned to be an architect but was missing class

Community service course popular choice for seniors

Nearly one-third of the senior class take the community service course. “In community service we have 200 students,” Aboud said.”The closest thing to community service is the career center,” Aboud said. Senior Kayley Hann likes doing community service because she likes helping others and she picked community service because she wanted to help. She stays

Classroom food policy should be revised

Many students during the school day have food and drink on them. Students have food on them to eat breakfast before homeroom. Others will have food in their locker to eat during lunch. It has been an argument for years that we should be allowed to have food and drink in class. Students are allowed

No trivial pursuit: Scholastic Scrimmage hopes to dominate

The European Swallow’s unleaded air speed is 11 miles per second! If you’re into trivia, then Scholastic Scrimmage Club is the club for you. “This year we look to compete and win,”  adviser Jennifer Lowe said. The club competes in an annual Blair – Bedford quiz league. It can advance to regional and state competitions.

Team feeds off fan support

Every fall Friday night, the football team leaves everything it has on the field.  However, to have success on Friday nights,   the boys have to put in hard work every other day of the week.   For some, these first few years on the team are an eye-opener about how many people put hope into

Majorette squad sparks audience

Every Friday night the football team hosts a game against many of its rivals at Mansion Park. In addition to football action, the audience enjoys the halftime show from the majorettes. The majorette squad performs during halftime every football game instructed by adviser Kelly Detwiler. Detwiler is in her first year advising the majorette squad

Candidates race to win crown

There is one thing that almost every high school does in the fall: homecoming. It is synonymous with dancing, fun, and, of course, the homecoming court. Every year the high school will let any club or organization nominate a homecoming queen or king. Candidates must win points. The candidate earning the most points at the

Mathematics department receives new textbooks

Students burst through the front doors of the A building as the bell sounds for 7:40 a.m..  Classes begin to start, but students have noticed a change. Something has been replaced. Something is brand new. The old textbooks were not up to par.  New to this school year are Pearson math textbooks. To keep up

Two English teachers join faculty

The 2017-2018 school year has begun and there are many new faces to be seen in the halls. Two of those faces are new English teachers Caitlin McGeary and Megan Lamb. McGeary attended Altoona Area High School and Penn State University. “I graduated from [Altoona] so I was really excited when positions popped up. It’s