Candidates race to win crown

There is one thing that almost every high school does in the fall: homecoming. It is synonymous with dancing, fun, and, of course, the homecoming court.

Every year the high school will let any club or organization nominate a homecoming queen or king.

Candidates must win points. The candidate earning the most points at the end wins king or queen.

Candidates also earn points for pretty much everything like the popular vote, games night, and things as little as turning in a paper on time.

During spirit week, the student body gets to dress up and have fun all week.

“On Monday is ‘Mercia Monday. Tuesday is trick or treat day, but you can’t wear masks. Wednesday is western Wednesday, Thursday is tiresome Thursday [pajama day] and Friday is flashback Friday,” senior homecoming president Cierra Rhodes said.

“Throughout spirit week I will call a team down at random to see if their whole team is dressed up. If not, no points,” homecoming adviser Holly Metzler said.

Other events that are happening throughout the week are the money collection on the bridge, games night, the dance and the coronation at Friday’s football game.


2017 Homecoming Candidates

Sarah Harmon escorted by Dan McCoy for astronomy.

Maddie Saylor escorted by Hunter Stoudnour for cheerleading.

Natalie Holsey escorted by Jacob Wilt for chorus.

Karlee Noel escorted by John Gority representing cross country.

Dustin Jones escorted by Qaya Rolley representing drama.

Madison Runk escorted Brendan Webber Representing foreign language club.

Karon McCloskey escorted by Reece McDermitt representing girls league.

Emma Rose Carothers escorted by Braeden Burchfield representing gymnastics.

Jenna Lytle escorted by Tyler Pertucci representing indoor track.

Hannah Eberwein escorted by Nick Serbin representing Lioneers.

Makenna Dunio escorted by Andrew Dixon representing majorettes.

Kenna Dugan escorted by Timothy McCall representing marching band.

Isabella Harpster escorted by Evan Noll representing mock trial.

Andrea Scott escorted by JJ Hoff representing orchestra.

Lindsey Hallinan escorted by John Keating representing outdoor track.

Jennifer Worley escorted by Masen Nartatez representing soccer.

Alyson Adams escorted by Jake McCloskey representing softball.

Taylor Wethersbee escorted by Brandon McClellan representing sparkle.

Kayley Burke escorted by Christian Schandelmeier.

Elizabeth Manley escorted by Nathan Rairie representing swimming.

Maura Skelley escorted by Jarod Marasco representing Tennis.


Homecoming Events

Oct. 2-4: Money collection on bridge

Oct. 2: Games Night

Oct. 5: Popular vote and homecoming dance

Oct. 6:  Coronation

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