Majorette squad sparks audience

Every Friday night the football team hosts a game against many of its rivals at Mansion Park. In addition to football action, the audience enjoys the halftime show from the majorettes.

The majorette squad performs during halftime every football game instructed by adviser Kelly Detwiler.

Detwiler is in her first year advising the majorette squad and she could not be happier.

“Mr. Detwiler asked me to advise and I did majorettes both in the junior high and high school so I thought it would be a lot of fun,” Detwiler said.

Detwiler believes she is helping the majorettes get better every practice and performance during the season.

“I am teaching them how to break things down while making sure everyone is doing the same steps and [looking] at the routines in detail so we look more uniform,” Detwiler said.

Their performances during the halftime show please Detwiler because the audience is entertained.

    “I am very pleased. In particular, we have added some difficult twirling and high tosses and I could not be prouder on how they look on the field,” Detwiler said.

The majorettes are also pleased in how they are doing on the field during halftime.

“I think we are doing well,” senior Meredith Kuhns said.

“We are doing great,” senior Hannah Taylor said.

Kuhns and Taylor joined the majorette squad during their seventh grade year at the junior high and have done it ever since.

In addition to performing at halftime, the squad also marches in parades every year.

“Marching in the parades is always fun,” both Kuhns and Taylor said.

The squad’s chemistry helps them perform well on the field and get along great together.

“We have our differences but when it comes to performing we do great together and put aside our differences,” Kuhns said.

“Whenever we come to practice we are one squad,” Taylor said.

At the end of each season the majorette squad hopes to have accomplished many things as a team.

“I want them to be proud of themselves while doing very difficult routines and enjoy being part of the squad,” Detwiler said.

Ready! Sophomore majorette Raquel Dunio readies for the start of the performance during the halftime show.

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