No trivial pursuit: Scholastic Scrimmage hopes to dominate

The European Swallow’s unleaded air speed is 11 miles per second!

If you’re into trivia, then Scholastic Scrimmage Club is the club for you.

“This year we look to compete and win,”  adviser Jennifer Lowe said.

The club competes in an annual Blair – Bedford quiz league. It can advance to regional and state competitions. The team’s playoff begins Nov. 2.

The club may examine subjects such as geology, theology, mythology and all of the other -ologies!

“Watching students gain confidence,” is the reason she enjoys advising the club, Lowe said.

The club has teams within the club. Each team focuses on a given topic. When it goes to competition, that team competes in that category.

The Scholastic Scrimmage Club is all about commitment.

Senior Sarah Corso, the team leader, organizes and is responsible for gaining the most points on the team.

“I loved playing Jeopardy with my dad and grandpa,” Corso said.

However there is new blood in the group. Sophomore Anthony Pater is one of the new members of the group.

“Since I was little I loved pointless facts,” Pater said.

Pater looks forward to the team’s season and to helping the team in whatever way he can.

“We practice every Tuesday, storing useless facts,” Pater said.


Members of the 2016-2017 Scholastic Scrimmage team attend a competition at IU8. (Photo: Courtesy Jen Lowe)


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