Two English teachers join faculty

English teacher Caitlyn McGeary.
(Photo: Frankie Price)

The 2017-2018 school year has begun and there are many new faces to be seen in the halls. Two of those faces are new English teachers Caitlin McGeary and Megan Lamb.

McGeary attended Altoona Area High School and Penn State University.

“I graduated from [Altoona] so I was really excited when positions popped up. It’s somewhere I am familiar with, that I know, and  I’m comfortable with,” McGeary said.

Lamb attended Cambria Heights High School and Saint Francis University.

“I grew up in a rural community so I wanted a change of pace. I was very intimidated to apply because I felt that it was so far out of my comfort zone, but I am so glad that I did because I seriously love this school,” Lamb said.

Both teachers look forward to their very active classes. They plan to do many fun activities to really get their students involved with the lessons.

“I prefer a classroom where I am not constantly in front of the room lecturing. I don’t think students learn really well that way. They can look forward to getting to know and working with their peers, and also look forward to being asked to do things and projects they are not used to,” McGeary said.

Students can look forward to working with many different elements of English in their classes.

“We are going to start a fiction unit, read a lot of cool pieces of literature, a nonfiction unit, writing prompts, poetry unit, and a unit with music,” Lamb said.

In each of their classes, the goal is to prepare their students for the future. They will be working on lesson plans to prepare their students if they want to further their education after high school,  pass their Keystones, and much more.

“My personal goal for my tenth graders are to get them proficient when they take those Keystones tests. My goal for my seniors is getting their [graduation] projects done and helping them get into a topic they are interested in or really care about,” McGeary said.

No matter the plans a student has for after high school, Lamb teaches them the lesson of working hard to get what you want and uses her personal life as an example

“One piece of advice I tell [students] all the time is you never let anyone stand in the way of what you want to do, so I have told them so many experiences of getting to college and how I had to work five jobs. If you ever want to do something, it is possible, but there is a lot of hard work involved,” Lamb said.

English teacher Megan Lamb.
(Photo: Frankie Price)

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