Classroom food policy should be revised

Many students during the school day have food and drink on them. Students have food on them to eat breakfast before homeroom. Others will have food in their locker to eat during lunch.

It has been an argument for years that we should be allowed to have food and drink in class. Students are allowed to buy food and drinks from the student store. They can also buy candy from other classmates selling them. The school even have vending machines, but students can only drink those drinks during the lunch period. Many students become upset when they are allowed to buy food and drinks but they can’t eat it during the school day.

It doesn’t make sense how we can buy food and drink throughout the school day, but we can’t eat or drink it.

Unless students have a nurse’s pass, even water bottles are not allowed in class . Everyone should at least have water in class. Water is vital to everyone’s health and many teachers get upset if students interrupt class just to get water.

Eating throughout the day can also help students have more energy during the day. Many students will be able to focus more during the school day. Many students don’t have time to eat breakfast in the morning due to the earlier bell schedule.

Having food and drink in class may also cause problems. For example, rodents could be attracted by food scraps. Leaving empty wrappers and food all around the classroom can cause the problem to increase. It is also unfair to teachers to leave wrappers and food all over their classroom. Another concern would be students spilling drinks all over iPads, computers and books.

Teachers should be allowed to have the option to say if they want food and drink in class. Most students will be responsible enough to throw away any trash. During lunch, we manage to leave the cafeteria fairly clean and throw away our trash.


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