Community service course popular choice for seniors

Nearly one-third of the senior class take the community service course.

“In community service we have 200 students,” Aboud said.”The closest thing to community service is the career center,” Aboud said.

Senior Kayley Hann likes doing community service because she likes helping others and she picked community service because she wanted to help. She stays in the school for community service  to help autistic support teacher Travis Young in B-311.

“I like doing community service because I get to help the special needs kids,” Hann said. “If I didn’t get into community service I wouldn’t be able to help like I would want to.”

Aboud likes that students help the community, both in and out of the school.

“It helps the students learn how to give back before they go into the real world,” Aboud said.

“In [my] high school we didn’t have a community service course, but I love being involved,” Aboud said.

Community service gives students a different perspective on the community.

“Community service is a great responsibility for the students,” Aboud said.  


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