Group urges mania


The Mountain Lion Maniacs are an energetic, loud group of students that is supportive of the school.

Social studies teacher Caroline Kline is in charge of the Maniacs. This year she is hoping to get more involvement among students at games and other school events.

“Any student can participate; [students do not] have to be a part of Maniacs,” Kline said.

The Maniacs are trying out the roller coaster wave for the student section. Along with that, they are also adding to the Red Sea parting that they successfully attempted last year at one of the basketball games.

The Maniacs are also creating themes for the games to be more relatable to recent events.

Junior Lauryn Corle joined Maniacs because she thought it would be a good way to get in the school spirit.

“I enjoy going to games and dressing up for themes and cheering on my fellow peers,” Corle said.

“I think the Maniacs is a good environment and I enjoy the people. I have more friends and I’m happier”, junior Olivia Kline said.

Olivia Kline is also looking forward to bigger student section this year as well.

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