On Broadway: Musicians plan NYC trip

When he first enrolled at Penn State, band director Larry Detwiler was an architecture major. Now he builds the music department.

“I went to college at Penn State and was a part of the Blue Band. I even ended up changing majors,” Detwiler said

Detwiler originally planned to be an architect but was missing class to attend band practice. It was at that point when Detwiler decided to switch to a music major.

The marching band will be visiting New York at the end of the school year. The music department decided this year to take a trip to see The Lion King. Last year the music department’s trip was to Myrtle Beach.

Senior trumpeter Jesse Hamilton watches the Peters Township band perform during halftime. (Photo: Joseph Fanelli)

Senior Jarrett Gillespie, a tuba player, and senior Jesse Hamilton, who plays trumpet,  have also spent a good portion of their lives playing instruments.

“I like to dance around in the stands and get hype during the game,” Gillespie said.

Both students started playing instruments at young ages.

“When I started playing in seventh grade I was horrible. I could barely play a rhythm,” Hamilton said.

Hamilton first started playing trumpet in fourth grade and has gained a large amount of experience since then.

“Music is my life and everything I do in my life today pretty much revolves around music,” Hamilton said.

“I’ve been playing music for 10 years,” Gillespie said. ”I’ve only been in marching band for five years though.”




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