Month: October 2017

TeenNick shows bring fond memories

As a kid there is one thing you love to do: watch TV. Nickelodeon continues to be one of the top kids TV networks. And there are a ton of classics to come out of the era of 2000-2010. From Jimmy Neutron to Drake and Josh, the list is endless. With most of the classics

Booters understand injury risks

From August to November, the school’s soccer teams practice up to six times a week, sometimes more than once a day. This is almost constant exercise for high school students who also have jobs, school work and families.  Not only does it take up a lot of time, but doing this can also cause injuries,

Fall full of fun festivities

Autumn began Sept. 22 and it is in full swing. It’s the season of pumpkin spice and everything nice, the season of giving. The few months of this crisp season is packed full of activities and family gatherings. It can be difficult to fit everything you want to do within a short amount of time

Youth and Government brings awareness to politics

Political issues and opinions are commonly not discussed on school grounds.  However, the AAHS Youth and Government Club attempts to bring this topic to a whole new light.  During presidential election years, the group runs mock elections.   Although the club sounds like it would mainly have to do with government and politics, they do

Health classes have positive impact

Health classes are helping students make better decisions not just pertaining to food and exercise, but about stress, abstinence, and one’s social life. “I can’t make your decisions for you, but I can at least set you up for a lifetime of better decision making,” Megan Yingling said . Students taking the class have many

Amazon, the mall changes shopping atmosphere

Online shopping has increased in popularity each year. One of the most popular online stores is amazon. Amazon has nearly limitless items, with a special membership called Prime. Prime members can be introduced to many special deals, free returns and free two day shipping. But, is Amazon really better than shopping at the mall? Amazon is

Two new coffee houses open

Over the past few years, there have been independent coffee shops growing in fame in Altoona.  The coffee shops Greenbean and The Clay Cup  serve our community, as the employees wake up and fuel tired customers. They both offer very different atmospheres- the Clay Cup being an art studio and Greenbean offering live music. I brought

Sparkle shines on, off field

All sports teams have supporters to cheer them on during their games whether it is the fans, the band or the cheerleaders. A group of cheerleaders called the Sparkle Cheerleaders cheer on the football team every Friday night The Sparkle Cheerleaders also cheer at some of the soccer games as well. Students with or without

Netflix removes ‘One Tree Hill’

Netflix took off many shows, including One Tree Hill, Oct. 1. One Tree Hill is a television drama about a fictional town in North Carolina that follows the lives of two half brothers, Nathan and Lucas Scott, and their friend group. The show displays the how a family’s past affects its children’s lives and how

Yearbook changes to May delivery

The yearbook gives memories to look back on from the days of our lives that will stick with us forever. This year, one change has lead to many. The book will cost $70 and is available for purchase now through Feb. 9, although the price rises to $80 in early January. The book is going to