Lady Spikers net early wins

During the fall, girls in grades 10 through 12 can participate in volleyball. The Lady Spikers, coached by Karan Price, are 5-2 so far this season.  


Price has coached the girls volleyball team for many years, since playing on the first-ever Lady Spikers team.


“I played for the first team back in 1974 and I enjoyed the game and wanted to stay involved and pass it along,” Price said.


Price is happy with the team’s start.


“Well right now we are 5-2 which is a very good start. We have beaten some quality teams and participated in high level tournaments where we have been very competitive,” Price said.


Senior Kizzey Thompkins and freshman Sarah Weathersbee reflected their skills of playing volleyball at a young age for different reasons.


“I started playing in seventh grade because I went to a Penn State game and I really liked the thrill of the game,” Thompkins said.


“I started playing volleyball in third grade because my older sister played while my mother coached it and it looked a lot of fun,” Weathersbee said.


Both Thompkins and Weathersbee believe the team is doing better this season than past ones.


“We are doing really good and we have a variety of skills which make us one team,” Thompkins said.


“We are doing better, the teamness is higher and we are working better together,” Weathersbee said.


Thompkins thinks that not letting past mistakes get to their heads will help them win more matches while Weathersbee thinks they need to keep a better focus and work on the little things.


Coach Price and the rest of the team hope to accomplish many things by the end of the season.


“Our main goal is to win districts this year and if we play to our potential we accomplished that,” Price said.

Set! Freshman volleyball player Lyzee Wilson waiting for volleyball to be served to her during practice.
Server! Sophomore Alex Troutman was waiting for ball after just spiking it over the net.


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