Netflix removes ‘One Tree Hill’

Netflix took off many shows, including One Tree Hill, Oct. 1.

One Tree Hill is a television drama about a fictional town in North Carolina that follows the lives of two half brothers, Nathan and Lucas Scott, and their friend group. The show displays the how a family’s past affects its children’s lives and how those children overcome those labels. It  is also action packed, full of romance, and shows real-life tragedies.

Some may say that my love for this show is dramatic, but when a show has taught you more about life than your own parents it is hard not to love.

Netflix has made an extremely wrong decision by removing the show. Thousands of people love it. Despite the fact the last time the show aired on the television network The CW in 2012, there are fan accounts still active on Twitter to this day. Quotes and scenes from the show still go viral all over social media.

Many may argue that the show can be a bit scandalous. I will admit, there are times during the show when normal situations are dramtizied. Every television show will have dramatics to keep an audience, but when you take all of the drama away OTH teaches important life lessons. Throughout the entire series, each episode is sprinkled with literature references and life quotes.

One Tree Hill has taught me many ways on to live my life, but these are my top eight life lessons:

  1. You will fight with your best friend, but if they are truly your BEST friend you’ll always find your way back to each other.
  2. Everyone’s love stories are different. No one’s relationship is better than another.
  3. You’ll fight for your true love, you’ll fight for true friendships to work out, and you’ll fight for your family to stick together.
  4. Your personality will change throughout the years. Change is always good because it shows what you have been through and proves you can handle life’s obstacles. No matter how far you go or how different you become, you always find your way back home.
  5. Overcome your labels. Do not let your past or other’s actions define who you are. Define yourself.
  6. Treat others how you want to be treated and never leave anyone excluded.
  7. Family is family and family life will always be complicated. You can make any type of relationship work if you both try.
  8. Always own who you were and are, always express your true self, and always stand your ground.

The rumored reason why so many shows are being removed is Netflix wants to have only its own original series on their platform. Potentially your favorite show to watch on Netflix could be removed sooner than you think.
If you are just as upset as I am about the removal of One Tree Hill or any of your favorite shows, you can fill out a request form: go to . Hopefully one day we can all watch One Tree Hill on Netflix again.

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