Sparkle shines on, off field

All sports teams have supporters to cheer them on during their games whether it is the fans, the band or the cheerleaders.

A group of cheerleaders called the Sparkle Cheerleaders cheer on the football team every Friday night
The Sparkle Cheerleaders also cheer at some of the soccer games as well.

Students with or without disabilities are able to participate in the Sparkle cheerleading. There is about 22 girls that participate in Sparkle.

Many cheerleaders believe that being in Sparkle is a great way to get all different types of students involved in something they enjoy.

Freshman Cassara Stanley and senior Taylor Weathersbee take part in Sparkle cheerleading during the fall sports season.
Stanley and Weathersbee have similar thoughts on what Sparkle cheerleading is all about.

“Sparkle cheerleading is about being together as a team and having fun while doing it,” Stanley said.

“It’s a cheerleading team that combines typically developing students and students with disabilities with varsity cheerleaders,” Weathersbee said.

Stanley has been cheerleading since the fourth grade but is in her first year of high school cheerleading as well as Sparkle. She chose to be a part of Sparkle for many reasons.

“I chose to participate in Sparkle because the seniors would explain how fun it was and I wanted to try it,” Stanley said.
Stanley and Weathersbee feel that Sparkle is a lot of fun and it brings the cheerleading squad together as a whole.

“It is very fun and I know we all have each other’s back and we are all comfortable around each other during practices and games,” Stanley said.

“I love all the sparkle cheerleaders with my whole heart and each one is so super sweet and special to me,” Weathersbee said.

Unlike Stanley, Weathersbee has been cheerleading since the ninth grade and is in her second year of Sparkle.
Although Weathersbee has cheered longer, she wanted to participate in sparkle similar reasons to Stanley.

“I chose to participate because I love being with my friends and cheering. Football season is my favorite,” Weathersbee said.

The Sparkle squad has been going on since last year created by the team now and some of the seniors that graduated last year.

“Last year we started Sparkle cheerleading and the girls have loved it ever since. Some have graduated last year and we all really miss them, but we also love the Sparkle girls that are new to the team this year,” Weathersbee said.

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