Yearbook changes to May delivery

2018 Yearbook Mockup
This year’s Horseshoe will return to a more traditional look, featuring the school colors. (Courtesy Photo)

The yearbook gives memories to look back on from the days of our lives that will stick with us forever. This year, one change has lead to many.

The book will cost $70 and is available for purchase now through Feb. 9, although the price rises to $80 in early January.

The book is going to have a look and feel of a chapter book. The staff has to play a role in making the book and getting it out on time.

First year adviser Michael Baker has been hard at work with his 26 student staff on putting memories together.

“We have decided to make the theme for the year Y[our] Chapter,” Baker said.

Students have an opportunity to earn a free yearbook this year. If students sell 35 or more ham sandwiches, they then will be given a free yearbook. The yearbook is having this fundraiser as part of senior Summer Socie’s senior project to help students who may not be able to afford the book.

“The book will be delivered in May this year. It’s been at least 30 years since it last delivered in may,” Baker said. “The book this year will have a more traditional feel with a maroon and white color scheme.”

Baker took over the yearbook when it became available because of his experience in publishing with the newspaper.

“It’s been a learning curve working with the yearbook staff and learning their straights,”Baker said.

For a number of years, Herff Jones has been publishing the yearbook. Currently the school is in the middle of a four year contract the company.

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