Health classes have positive impact

Health classes are helping students make better decisions not just pertaining to food and exercise, but about stress, abstinence, and one’s social life.

“I can’t make your decisions for you, but I can at least set you up for a lifetime of better decision making,” Megan Yingling said .

Students taking the class have many positive comments.

Health teacher Nancee Crider puts a large emphasis on students. Students not only enjoy her class, but they learn important aspects regarding their bodies and lifestyle.

Multiple students also enjoy her teaching style.

“[Mrs.Crider] does great activities for visual learners”, sophomore Braden Spahn said. “I learn more about stress and everything in my body and feelings.

“[Mrs.Crider] likes to do stuff outside our seats. I think it helps me learn better” sophomore Ashlynn Irwin said.

Crider’s class also has long-term effects on juniors who have previously taken the class.

“Mrs. Crider really emphasized abstinence. I remember she also said not to put your cups down at parties” junior Delilah Noel said.

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