Two new coffee houses open

Over the past few years, there have been independent coffee shops growing in fame in Altoona.  The coffee shops Greenbean and The Clay Cup  serve our community, as the employees wake up and fuel tired customers. They both offer very different atmospheres- the Clay Cup being an art studio and Greenbean offering live music.

I brought coffee from both shops into the newswriting class and we sampled the drinks.

But the real question is- who has better coffee?  “They [Greenbean] have a lot more of a variety than the Clay Cup.  It’s too basic for me.”  Senior Baylee Ruggles said. 

“The coffee at the Clay Cup isn’t too strong, it’s like the perfect mix.” Sophomore Maya Lockard said.  “It only takes one cup to wake you up and get energetic.”

As for senior Krystin Smith, she said,  “I like hot drinks better, and the Greenbean is the only one that offers hot drinks.”  

Whether you like the Clay Cup or Greenbean, almost everyone has an opinion between the two.  Vote here to find out which is more popular among the school.

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