Youth and Government brings awareness to politics

Political issues and opinions are commonly not discussed on school grounds.  However, the AAHS Youth and Government Club attempts to bring this topic to a whole new light.  During presidential election years, the group runs mock elections.  

Although the club sounds like it would mainly have to do with government and politics, they do other things as well.

“We run mock elections during presidential years, and we will help raise money for various cases, like Hats for Houston.  We do things to help the victims of the recent hurricanes that have hit as well,” adviser Thomas Fox said.

Students that join may find that politics are harder to understand than they thought. Also, because the topic of politics is often avoided, students may be highly uninformed.

“Students might find that they have apathy when it comes to politics and government,” Fox said.

Fox tries to make the Youth and Government Club more interesting by doing other various things.  

“We will also bring in guest speakers,” Fox said.

Fox encourages students to join the club, as it will educate students during presidential election years as well as non-presidential election years by discussing political issues.

“Come participate in our great democracy through Youth and Government.   It gives them an awareness of how our government works and can benefit them,” Fox said.

As for those non-presidential years, in which this year is one of them, Fox tries to find other ways for the students in his club to get involved.  Although sometimes, other clubs take care of fundraising.

“[I]t is a non-presidential year, and also we did not have to help with any natural disaster fundraising,” Fox said.

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