TeenNick shows bring fond memories

As a kid there is one thing you love to do: watch TV. Nickelodeon continues to be one of the top kids TV networks. And there are a ton of classics to come out of the era of 2000-2010. From Jimmy Neutron to Drake and Josh, the list is endless.

With most of the classics discontinued, it leaves us wanting more of our favorite TV shows. There are certain entertainment streaming services like Hulu and Netflix that allow the user to stream these shows, but not everyone has these services.

A few years back, Dan Schneider, the creator of shows like Drake and Josh, Zoey 101 and The Amanda Show and All That, released a short video “What Did Zoey Say?” where we caught up with the characters Chase and Michael from Zoey 101.

The video reveals that after Chase dug up the time capsule from the PCA grounds, he found a DVD that Zoey had made for the time capsule.

Zoey will eventually reveal her love for Chase.

Another one of the shows that a lot of people love is Drake and Josh. From the classic one liners like ‘Hug me brotha’ and ‘I’m not calling you a truther!’

With these shows, people love to watch them for the nostalgia.

I know that whenever I hear the first note of the theme song to a certain show, or come home from school to see my favorite characters from my childhood, it instantly transports me back to when I was a child.

These shows need to be brought back, either as reruns or reboots.


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