Month: November 2017

Holiday parade lifts spirits

Downtown Altoona hosts its annual holiday parade known as the Spirit of Christmas from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Nov. 30. The parade route will start at Tenth Avenue and Ninth Street, then proceeds to Green Avenue, Twelfth Street and Eleventh Avenue. A tree lighting ceremony and fireworks will take place following the end of

Theme days to close out 2017

The Mountain Lion Maniacs have announced Friday Fundays. Fundays will be every first and third Friday until winter break. Each day will have a theme in which students can dress up and participate. There is no cost to participate and a random winner will be chosen each time. The winner gets a free Little Caesars

Senior class discusses prom

The senior class committee meets every two weeks to discuss fundraisers, class activities and, of course, the prom. The advisers for the committee are  Kelli Stoudnour and David Aboud. Input from seniors outside of the committee, in regards to the planning for prom, would be greatly appreciated. The meetings are held every two weeks and

Christmas celebration starts too early

The month of October is over which means the start of the the Holidays. When most people hear about the holidays, they think of Christmas. Many people skip over Thanksgiving and start to celebrate Christmas. Most stores start putting Christmas decorations out by the end of October before Halloween starts. Other stores will play Christmas

GM cars define Muscle Era

Throughout many years car companies have been hard at work making us our favorite super cars. America was built on muscle and the muscle car was a great thing for the states when they started to come out of Detroit. Three cars define the muscle car era. All three come from General Motors. Topping the

Squad transitions from field to court

During the football game every Friday night at Mansion Park, the cheer squad is always ready to cheer on our school’s football team. The cheerleaders help keep the audience entertained and loud. The cheerleaders do not just cheer for football games but basketball season as well. According to sophomore Brooke Del Biondo, junior Delilah Noel

Astros Series win brings pride to Houston

After everything that has happened to Houston this year with the floods and a hurricane, it has been a rough year. That was until last night when the Astros brought home a World Series championship. It is the team’s first championship since entering the league in 1962 as the Houston Colt .45s and then changing

AASD officers protect students

All over the world, there are police officers protecting and serving their communities.  Here at AAHS, we have our own jurisdiction with officers who protect us everyday.   Security and Safety Director Bill Pfeffer, who is well-known by the student body, has been here for 21 years.   The officers deal with situations that most

Cafeteria offers little for vegans

There is a serious lack of vegan options in the cafeteria.  The only vegan option in the cafeteria is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich with your choice of fruit and fruit juice to drink. Most of the time it is impossible to even take a bite out of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich