AASD officers protect students

All over the world, there are police officers protecting and serving their communities.  Here at AAHS, we have our own jurisdiction with officers who protect us everyday.  

Security and Safety Director Bill Pfeffer, who is well-known by the student body, has been here for 21 years.  

The officers deal with situations that most people don’t.  According to Pfeffer, the most ridiculous thing “is when people can’t resolve their own problems themselves and involve law enforcement.”

From making sure we all safely get in the building, to dealing with terroristic threats, the officers keep busy.  Their jobs are risky and demanding nearly every day.

 “I chose this career field because I believe in helping people and making a difference in people’s lives,” Pfeffer said.

A new officer in our school, Tyler McClellan graduated from the police academy in July and came to AAHS.

“The most difficult thing here is that you have to stay on top of everything, especially with so many kids,” McClellan said.

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