GM cars define Muscle Era

1969 Chevy Camaro SS was the last of the first generation. (Courtesy Photo)

Throughout many years car companies have been hard at work making us our favorite super cars. America was built on muscle and the muscle car was a great thing for the states when they started to come out of Detroit.

Three cars define the muscle car era.

All three come from General Motors.

Topping the list is my personal favorite: the 1969 Chevrolet Camaro. This Camaro was the last Camaro in the line of the first generation; it went from a sleek streamlined bottle shape to a wider more geometric body. It had three different models: the sporty coupe, the Super Sport, and the Z/28 track-ready rally car. My personal favorite of the three is the SS. With all the luxuries of the classy coup, the SS also was available with a 350 big block engine that could produce over 300 horsepower.

Next is the Chevrolet El Camino SS. The El Camino was half car / half truck; it had the front end of a Chevy Chevelle and the bed of a truck.

Chevy made the El Camino in response to the Ford Ranchero, but the El Camino didn’t do well in its first few years. After the first two years of production, the El Camino was scrapped. The sales were horrible and no one wanted one.

A few years later with the Ranchero still bursting in the market, Chevy decided to bring back the El Camino with a bigger truck bed and finally they made it the El Camino. Every year it was produced, the body style changed. It was a beauty even though it’s basically the mullet of cars. The El Camino SS was only released for two years and came equipped with the same 350 big block producing 300 hundred horse power that the 69 Camaro did.

The final car is the Pontiac GTO. The GTO was made for ten years from 1964-1974.  The 1969 GTO was running a 400 CID engine producing over 350 horsepower and  had a sleek fish like and streamlined body. The car looked like a fish, but it was a nice fish. The body had edges everywhere, with three triangular points in the front with the tiniest grill to let in air.

These cars are amazingly fast and speak volumes of what America used to be when it came to making cars. They reflected the way America looked and acted.


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