Senior class discusses prom

The senior class committee meets every two weeks to discuss fundraisers, class activities and, of course, the prom.

The advisers for the committee are  Kelli Stoudnour and David Aboud. Input from seniors outside of the committee, in regards to the planning for prom, would be greatly appreciated. The meetings are held every two weeks and the most recent meeting was held on Oct. 31. A meeting schedule can be obtained from Aboud.

Both the prom and Afterglo will be held at the Blair County Convention Center because Lakemont Park is not operating.

The committee will make decisions as to the theme and activities that will be there.

Seniors have multiple fundraisers throughout the year, such as candy bars or cookie dough. Another fundraiser was the chicken dinner tickets they sold, which had a great turnout.

Most funds go toward prom and the Afterglo. The Afterglo is very important to both students and the advisers of the committee.

“Afterglo is a very expensive endeavor, but the advisers and I believe it is very important for students to have a fun and safe place to go after prom,” Stoudnour said. 

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