Assemblies becoming unnecessary

Rumors have been swirling regarding a pep assembly Dec. 8. I believe this pep assembly is unneeded.

Students will have to leave class. There have been so many assemblies in the fall where we miss fifth and sixth period. In the second marking period, there are so many breaks, and benchmarks are right after the winter break, so the last thing we need is another reason to miss class time which is so precious this time of the year.

Students will have to leave class to go to an assembly in which they will just talk the whole time and not actually care about the purpose of the assembly.

There are multiple teams and individuals who made it to districts. These groups did not ask to have the whole school get out of class to go to a pep assembly.

The Mountain Lion Maniacs are trying to get the student body involved by doing dance competitions and other things to make it more enjoyable. While I am all for school spirit, I do not believe this is necessary.

An additional pep assembly is unneeded and a waste of time.

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