Fulchiero organizes yard sale collection

Junior Madi Fulchiero is organizing the Yard Sale for Kiera fundraiser.

Fulchiero received help spreading the word from students at MLTV and many of her friends. The collections are Friday, Dec. 8 through Thursday, Dec. 14 from 7:00 a.m. to 7:50 a.m. in the library.

Items will also be collected at the chorus and orchestra concert Dec. 8 and the jazz band concert Dec. 14.

Students from the junior class committee will be helping Madi through the collection to transport goods and stand at the collection site. Students can donate practically any type of used items, from clothes, to kitchen supplies. The money from this will go toward a scholarship toward a member of the music department.

“The passing of Kiera Chirdon, my friend since seventh grade, certainly was my inspiration for creating this foundation. Kiera was a source of inspiration to others toward her bravery during her long battle against childhood cancer, and she was amazingly philanthropic. She never fails to inspire me when she spoke at the Sideline Cancer functions about her experiences. I wish to continue Kiera’s legacy by giving out a scholarship each year to a student in the music department (of which Kiera was an active member) parentheses who displays exceptional courage,”Fulchiero said.

Fellow students around the school support and spread excitement about the fundraiser. Madi’s friends have posted about it on their social media.

“I think the fundraiser is great and I support it. I’m planning on buying something for the fundraiser, like a toaster,” junior Linsey Whysong said.

“I think the fundraiser is a wonderful way for our students to honor one of our own students, Kiera, and her love of music,” junior Kaylyn Clouser said.


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