When Ed Gerety speaks, people (don’t) listen

Ed Gerety spoke of courage, gratitude, responsibility and awareness.

His message was that people should be grateful for what they have. That includes food, parents, friends and a plethora of other idle pleasures.

Many students didn’t understand the gist of the assembly at all. They felt Gerety was unorganized. Some had trouble hearing him, likely due to the poor acoustics in the Field house.  

“I did not understand the point of him visiting our school. He jumped around from topic to topic and I didn’t receive a main idea. I left the assembly confused and upset because I wasted important time. I couldn’t tell you one thing he said,” junior Preston Mitchell said.

Gerety’s messages were not as clear and precise as he thought they were.

Gerety had a few good points, but the absence of a connected message was the primary cause of his downfall.

Perhaps the presentation would have been better had he come back to his original point.

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