Wind ensemble prepares for holiday concert

The music department consists the choir, the orchestra and the band.  All of these groups have other specialized separate groups.  The choir has vocal ensemble, varsity chorus, and the regular chorus.  The orchestra has an ensemble as well: string ensemble.  The band consists of multiple other groups including the wind ensemble.  

The wind ensemble participates in multiple concerts each year.

“We have our Christmas concert next Thursday.  And then, we also have a spring concert,”  wind ensemble director Larry Detwiler said.

As for preparation for these events, the wind ensemble practices every week.

“We have practice every Wednesday after school here in the band room,”  Detwiler said.

The concert band and wind ensemble are two completely different groups.

“The difference is, with wind ensemble, it’s a hand-picked group, so you have to be invited into the wind ensemble,”  Detwiler said.

This ensemble is an out of school group, as practices are after school as well.

“They have to play really well, and prepare their parts mostly out of class,”  Detwiler said.

The wind ensemble also goes to Penn State to assist the senior music education majors.

“Just last month, we were down at Penn State for the day.  We do a thing down there where we work with the senior music education majors.  They are getting ready to do their student teaching in the spring,”  Detwiler said.

Detwiler says being in the ensemble helps students become better musicians.

“It really pushes them forward because there is a lot less practice time.  You have to do things a lot quicker, so it makes them better musicians,”  Detwiler said.

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