Maniacs ready for winter sports

The Mountain Lion Maniacs are expected to show support and cheer on their team while in the student section. They are attempting to get more student involvement by planning fun and easy themes.

The themes are planned for both boys and girls basketball. The schedule is available on posters located throughout the building. For the Valentine’s Day game, the Maniacs are planning to do the red out again. To keep updated with the maniacs, follow their Twitter account (@LionsMt).

The Maniacs are very active and have weekly tasks that they complete. The student of the week is picked by the maniacs. They choose this student by taking the top three from every sport and email the coaches for input.

The maniacs will also have a “What’s going on this week” banner hanging in front of the open  fcafeteria. This helps student remember what games will be held that week.
Every student at the high school can be a maniac. Fellow students are excited to be apart of the student section and participate in the themes.

“I’m excited for the themes and can’t wait for the games,” junior Lauryn Corle said.

She also can’t wait to watch the girls basketball team dominate and dress up for the frat theme.

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