New bell schedule requires adjustment

Teachers and students are getting used to the new bell schedule.

The new bell schedule is important for the students.

“It’s important because students transportation was a big issue for our district,” English teacher David McCarter said.

For McCarter it is hard for him to get on the new schedule because he was on the old one for 17 years.

“I have to refer to the schedule posted on the wall to manage the class time,” McCarter said.

Having the bell schedule change it gives the students more time to get ready for their activities. The new bell schedule all so allows the students to go home and get ready for work.

“I like that we get out 10 minutes early,” sophomore Jessilynn O’Neill said.

“It helps me prepare for the real life,” senior Chelsea Brown said.

Both Brown and O’Neill think first period takes the shortest time because it’s fun and they are busy. They like how the classes are shorter.

Along with the new bell schedule some are problems.

“There use to be a lot more time to get organized in the morning before the day started,”  McCarter said.

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