Senior class prepares for prom

The last couple months of a senior’s high school career are filled with finals and senior projects.

Once the work is over, a reward waits: the annual prom and afterglo.  

This year’s prom is on May 18, 2018 at 7:45 p.m..

The senior class executive committee, under the advisement of Kelli Stoudnour, David Aboud and Kim Shope, has put a lot of thought into the theme.

“There is not a lot of decorations that we can put on the walls because of the prom being held at the Blair County Convention Center, but we are doing centerpieces,” Aboud said.

“The decorations are coming just fine but are very different because of the afterglo not being at Lakemont Park since it is not open,” Shope said.

Advisers running the committee also had come up with some activities students who attend the prom could participate in.

“Their will be many different games the students can play like casino games, arcade games, pinball and foosball machines and a vertical rush obstacle course,” Shope said.

Others activities that will be at the prom are a photo booth, inflatables, a magician, laser tag and karaoke.

Students in the committee have worked hard and are proud on what preparations were  made for the prom and afterglo.

“There’s a ton of effort going into both [events] from students to their parents and teachers. I am proud to say this year’s prom and afterglo will be the result of countless hours of hard work and preparation,” senior class president Bryce Dunio said.

“The preparations are going along well and everyone is seeming to agree on the themes,” senior Jen Worley said.

Many of the students in the committee and outside of the committee think the turnout of the prom will be exceptional.

“Simply spectacular. I believe the students going this year will look back on it nostalgically and haven’t a doubt in my mind it will fall short of simply spectacular,” Dunio said.

“I think prom will be a great time. Prom is what everyone talks about and if you enjoy the night and have fun it will be a great night full of dreams and happiness,” Worley said.

Students have different opinions on what their favorite thing about prom is.

“My favorite thing about prom is dressing up and getting pictures with everyone,” senior Taylor Weatherbee said.

“I am looking forward to being with all of my friends and making great memories that will last a lifetime,” junior Miranda Nolan said.

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