Speech league goes to competition

Speech league recently attended a competition that was held at the Bishop McCort High School on Dec. 5.  

“There were 23 high schools now attendance,” adviser Michael Steininger said.

As for how the students are judged during the competitions, each category has its own method of scoring.  

“Judges have a score sheet or rubric that is unique to each category of speech. There are 12 different categories,” Steininger said.

Ethan Katcher and Pamela Lantz were both in third place in Poetry. Anthony Pater received first place in Dramatic Interpretation.  Nattie Daversa and Geneva Flarend both received first place in Public Forum Debate. Zoe Wilson received first place in Commentary.  

It was my first time doing this category, even though I did a similar category last year.  My three speeches, on the random topics of “Lyndon Johnson”, “Benjamin Rush”, and the “Franco-Dutch War,” were very very organized.  I feel as though, at this particular competition, I was able to craft very good introductions and conclusions.  In my category, you have a few minutes to comment on a topic in the form of a 5 minute speech,” junior Zoë Wilson said.

Although Wilson won first place in her category, there are always ways to improve.

“I could improve my research techniques during the research period of the competition that my category has,”  Wilson said.

Each competitor has a different category that he/she are more comfortable in.

“Last year, I received 3rd place at the district championship meet in the “Extemporaneous” category. I did fairly well, but in that category, the speeches are longer, the topics are about politics and economics, and the speaker must stand. In “Commentary”, I feel like I will do better (and have… so far) due to the slight differences in the two categories,”  Wilson said.

Speech league does not have a competition until next month.

“Our next competition is on January 5th at Blacklick Valley High School,” Steininger said.

To prepare for that competition, speech league meets every week to practice.

“We typically have practice every Thursday after school in the library. Students also meet with Miss Woodring or me in the morning before school or during our prep periods,” Steininger said.

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