Language classes compete in APPLES

Competition time! The FLC club and foreign language classes are competing in the 29th annual Apples Competition. (Photo: M. Quirin)

The FLC club and the foreign language classes will attend this year’s APPLES competition at Indiana University of Pennsylvania.

This year’s competition is taking place Mar. 24, 2018 and is the twenty-ninth annual competition.

This competition helps get students involved in an activity they can participate in and shows judges and the other schools what they have learned in the classes.

Some of the events the students can partake in are listening, reading, composition, speaking proficiency and performing arts.

Adviser Señor Poole is the one who found out about the competition and decided to take the students to IUP to participate. Poole teaches the Spanish three classes as well as advising the flc club.

The language classes and the club has competed in this competition since 1994.

“Former department head Mary Lou Appleman told me about it so we went together the first year without any students to see what went on during the competition,” Poole said.

The French classes did not participate the first few years.

Sophomores Taylor Clapper, Riley Sipe and Amelia Gority are competing in the APPLES event for the second time.

The teachers and students have similar opinions on what their favorite thing is about going and the competition itself.

“It is fun to be with the students and compare them to the other schools students as well as generally doing well in the events,” Poole said.

“I get to hang out with a lot of friends and it’s fun to compete in the events and experience the energy of being on the campus itself,” Clapper said.

“My favorite thing about going is participating for what you’re competing in and seeing everyone in our school doing really well,” Sipe said.

“Hanging out and participating in it is my favorite part about going,” Gority said.

Some of these students know what event they are picking while some may still be deciding.

Clapper, Sipe and Gority also think similar on how they are going to do in their events of choice.

“I think I will do fairly well because I’ve improved a lot since last year and I am more dedicated to learning the language,” Clapper said.

“I am hoping I do really well but I am not sure,” Sipe said.

“I think I will do alright,”Gority said.

Winning students will be recognized at a ceremony and will also win a ribbon.

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