Drama presents ‘Drowsy Chaperone’

The drama club will perform its spring musical.

       The days the are Apr. 5, 6 and 7.

       The drama club picked the play The Drowsy Chaperone to perform which will be held in the auditorium.

       The cost of the play is five dollars for students and eight dollars for adults and starts at seven o’clock.

       Tickets will be available at the door and at Thompson Pharmacy Chestnut Ave.

       Apr. 4 will feature the play for senior citizens at six o’clock.

       Drama club adviser Ben Cossitor decided to pick The Drowsy Chaperone for the play.

       Cossitor selected this play because it was a different style from the past two musicals.

      He also selected this play because the drama club has a lot of talent to feature this year and knew it needed a show with a lot of different roles.

      Cossitor may have a different opinion on his favorite thing about the play.

      “My favorite aspect of the drowsy chaperone has to be its humor,” Cossitor said.

     Cossitor feels hopeful on the turnout it will get this year.

       There is about 75 students involved with the production, between the orchestra, backstage crew and actors plus a special guest appearance by assistant principal Jason McGinnis.

        Sophomores Antonio Fama and Allison Peterman are two of the students who is participating in this play.

        These two students had similar opinions on how they think the audience will react to the play.

        “It will be well accepted because it is really funny,” Fama said.

        “I think the audience will love it. The show is so funny and the cast and crew still laugh at the jokes while performing them,” Peterman said.

        They have different opinions on how they felt about the play.

        ”I love this show and I am so excited to perform this,” Peterman said.

        “I think it is a show that not a lot of people know, so it can really attract anyone looking for something new. It is really clever and funny, and overall shares a good message which I think people will really like it,” Fama said.

        Students in the drama club may or may not have picked a different play to perform.

       “I am really glad we are performing it, but there are a lot of other plays I would like to be a part of in the next two years,” Fama said.

       “The Drowsy Chaperone is a really awesome show and I think that it was perfect for the club this year,” Peterman said.

         Students who participate in the performance may get nervous or scared before the play would start.

         They could have different ways of coping with the nervousness of stagefright.

         ” I do not have anything. I have been through enough of these shows that I does not really get nervous anymore,” Peterman said.

         “I like to take a few deep breaths, do some vocal exercises and drink water right before performances,” Fama said.

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