Seniors and juniors ready for prom

Prom is a very special night for some students. This is one night students will never forget.

Students have favorite things about prom. One of those favorite things is meeting up with friends and getting pictures done.

“My favorite thing about prom is getting to dress up and I’m going to Penn State Campus for pictures,” sophomore Tasia Kimmel said.

“My favorite thing about prom is the dancing I’m going to Canoe Creek,” senior Devin Mellott said.  

Students can fill out a form to bring someone but it has to be approve. Students can get the forms Apr. 9 and are due by May 7.  Students can pick the form up in their grade level office.

Students have different opinions about prom.

“I’m iffy about prom because of the drama that happens,” Mellott said.

“I like prom because it is a night that students can get away for the night and hangout with their friends and love ones,” Kimmel said.

The most important thing for the girls is their  dress.

“It took me about a week to find a dress I found my dress at the Glass Slipper Project,” senior Candice Henson said.

“I found my dress at David’s Bridal; it took me two hours,” Kimmel said.

After prom, students really never use there dress again so they do something with it.

“I’m either going to keep it or donate it,” Henson said.

“I’m going to sell my dress,” Mellott said.

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