School board narrowly approves new building project

At the Apr. 9 school board meeting, the construction of the new high school was approved by a 5-4 vote.

Board President Dutch Brennan, Vice President Wayne Hippo, Kelly Irwin-Adams, Rick Hoover and Bill Celgar voted in favor of the project.

Board members who voted against the building are Sharon Bream, Ron Johnston, Ed Kreuz and Dave Francis.

In June, shortly after the last day of school, the contractors will start on the building process.

KCBA architects are the people that were tasked with the job of designing the new building.

“The new 440,000 sq. ft. high school complex will accommodate 2,400 students including ninth graders. A selection of innovative program spaces in the new B building includes a performance theater, art classrooms, a business center, STEM maker spaces, two commons, one for STEM and the other for arts and business, an outdoor classroom, a work yard, and a rooftop greenhouse.” KCBA’s website said.

Due to budget reasons, the rooftop greenhouse and outdoor classroom were left out of the final design.

The project will not only affect the B building, but also includes a renovation to the existing A building. The renovation will feature and brand new library, a cyber cafe, and all renovated classrooms.

The construction and renovation will cost $87,366,400. The building is set to be open for the 2020-2021 school year.

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