Month: May 2018

New Building: School will drive city’s growth

After spending the whole school year voting and countless board meetings, a new high school will be built. A couple years ago, the idea of a new high school building was introduced. Despite the negativity from the community, the new high school is a good idea. The B Building shows its age with small classrooms,

New Building: Teacher opinions vary

The new high school plans have been approved.  With renovations starting soon, there are still many mixed opinions from the local taxpayers and district workers.   “We definitely needed to do something,” English teacher Tina Johnston said. “I wish we would’ve looked at more options.  There are pros and cons.” As for the budget, “It

New Building: Child care curriculum options modern, convenient

The childcare classes will be located on the first floor of the new B-building. The childcare classrooms will have easier access for parents of infant/toddlers; the rooms will be on the first floor. This location will have benefits over the current classrooms, which are in the basement. The infant/toddler room helps parents be less stressed

New Building: Art classes benefit from new building

The new B building will improve many classrooms and other parts of the school. One improvement that will be made is the art classrooms. The classrooms will be located close together, forming a true art department. The new art classrooms will have more room space and will have extra storage to supply the art necessities. Art teachers

New Building: Music department will see big changes

The new building will come with lots of new features. One of the biggest areas that the project will affect is the music department. The three new rooms will all be in the same hallway. The rooms are currently scattered through the basement and first floor of the B building. The B building will feature

New Building: Cafeteria to get subtle changes

In the new building there are many new features.  Among those is a remodeled cafeteria. Both the opened and closed cafeteria will receive new furniture.  The open cafeteria will receive a new entrance in the middle of where the shelves are now. Some of the shelves will be removed and the rest will be painted

New Building: Library remodel begins in 2019

Reconstruction of the library begins summer 2019.  The new renovations will feature more collaborative seating for students and a cyber cafe. “I asked for a cyber cafe where kids could eat, collaborate, relax, learn all at the same time. I asked for a more ‘Barnes and Noble’ look,” librarian Tanya Lucas said. “I think we

New Building: Construction, renovations set to begin

Altoona Area High School 2.0 is coming soon across the street near you! The new high school building was approved Apr. 9  and the construction is to start this week. Over the course of the next few days, Mountain Echo will publish stories on the new building. These stories will highlight specific areas of academic

Duo wins Inventionland gold

Two students in the Inventionland class built an invention that won first place in a competition. Inventionland is a Pittsburgh-based work environment where projects can be brought to life through creativity and innovation.   The competition occurred May 4 in Pittsburgh. Seniors Axelle Marcelli and Mason Ford were the two students who built the invention.