Duo wins Inventionland gold

Two students in the Inventionland class built an invention that won first place in a competition.

Inventionland is a Pittsburgh-based work environment where projects can be brought to life through creativity and innovation.  

The competition occurred May 4 in Pittsburgh.

Seniors Axelle Marcelli and Mason Ford won big in the invention land competition for the Helping Hand Hanger invention. (Photo: Twitter)

Seniors Axelle Marcelli and Mason Ford were the two students who built the invention.

The invention is the Helping Hand Hanger.

Ford thought there had to be a more efficient way to hang clothes.

“I do not like hanging clothes and thought there had to be a better way for hanging,” Ford said.

Ford and Marcelli have different opinions on if the process of inventing and building the invention was hard.  

“The hardest part was probably having a high-durability material while keeping the product in a reasonable price range,” Marcelli said.

“It was not hard because we were provided many tools which made the production simple,” Ford said.

Marcelli believes the duo put in an enormous amount of work to make this invention a prototype.

“My partner Mason and I put a lot of time into the product inside and outside the classroom which led us to getting the gold at the competition,” Marcelli said.

Both Ford and Marcelli have similar opinions on how they felt when they won.

“I feel pretty good that we won and now we get a pizza party,” Ford said.

Inventionland teachers Franklin

Harpster and Eric Stoudnour will construct other inventions with the influence of the students in the classroom.

“The inventions in the future are completely up to the students and we do not influence the ideas but only try to help bring them to fruition,” Stoudnour said.

Stoudnour believed the first place win will bring coverage which will increase student interest.

“With taking first place in the competition it brings with it media coverage which obviously gets the word out about [the class] and brings more students to the course and more exciting inventions,” Stoudnour said.

Ford would like to contribute to future class inventions.

“I would like to share my experiences with any newcomers and help them in any way I can,” Ford said.

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