New Building: Library remodel begins in 2019

Reconstruction of the library begins summer 2019.  The new renovations will feature more collaborative seating for students and a cyber cafe.

The reconfigured library features modern furniture and open spaces. (Illustration: KCBA Architects)

“I asked for a cyber cafe where kids could eat, collaborate, relax, learn all at the same time. I asked for a more ‘Barnes and Noble’ look,” librarian Tanya Lucas said.

“I think we could use a bigger lounge,” junior Marissa Ameriane said.

The cyber cafe provides more seating and the new floor plan of the library will have scattered seating, unlike how the seating is all set to specific areas in the library now.

“I also asked for a high computer area where kids could do things like 3D dissections, higher level Internet programing, and virtual reality,” Lucas said.

The higher technology capabilities are to help students prepare for college. The collaborative areas will allow the students to work in bigger groups and in private areas.

“I think we need a media center that also has areas for snacks and coffee,” senior Justine Champeno said.

The student Einstein help desk is planned to be on the outside of the library. It will provide easier access for help and students will also be able to return books there.

“I will hopefully see more kids exploring, creating their own pathway, learning, going out of the traditional realm of learning, and definitely more reading,” Lucas said.

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