New Building: Cafeteria to get subtle changes

In the new building there are many new features.  Among those is a remodeled cafeteria.

Both the opened and closed cafeteria will receive new furniture.  The open cafeteria will receive a new entrance in the middle of where the shelves are now.

Some of the shelves will be removed and the rest will be painted and renewed.  There will also be glass put up in the open cafeteria to create a sound barrier.

The cafeteria area will change its color scheme and seating. Illustration: KCBA Architects 

A cyber cafe seating area will be added at the library entrance.  Students can bring their lunches to this seating area and eat while doing work on computers.  

The current closed cafeteria will be expanded.  The supply closet in the back of the cafeteria by the staircase will be opened up and expanded to create more seating.

The plans also currently show the new building including a seating area across the new bridge where students can take their lunches as well.  The serving lines will stay the same in the newly renovated A building cafeteria.

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